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Terms & Conditions

Lift Camp Terms & Conditions



All required camper forms must be completed by the camper’s parent or legal guardian. In addition, an up-to-date liability release waiver must be on file with The Lift Adventure Park. All camper forms are due by May 1. All camper fee balances must be paid in full on or before May 1 of the camp year. Campers who have any remaining balance on their account the first day of camp will not be able to attend camp. Registrations after May 1 will be required to pay in full at the time of registration.


—  In cases where a camper’s registration is canceled for medical reasons (upon a doctor’s order), the deposit and any other amount paid towards camp, less an administrative fee of $25, will be refunded.
—  Campers who cancel prior to May 1 will be refunded any camper fee amount paid over and above the deposit. (Deposit is $50.)
—  Campers who cancel after May 1 will be refunded half of the camper fee if the camper’s account was paid in full at the time of cancellation, AND we are able to fill their space. For campers cancelling after May 1 whose accounts are not paid in full, the amount of a partial refund, if we are able to fill their space from the waiting list, will be at the discretion of camp staff.
—  No deductions, refunds, or vouchers will be given for late arrivals, early departures, or missing a certain day(s) of camp.
—  The Lift reserves the right to dismiss any camper whose behavior is detrimental or harmful to self, other campers, or camp staff. Campers sent home for disciplinary reasons will not receive a refund and may be ineligible to return for future summers.
—  In the event of 9 or less campers registered for a week of camp the Wednesday prior to a session, The Lift Adventure Park reserves the right to cancel that week of camp. The Lift will offer alternate sessions of camp to a camper, assuming there are spots available in another session. If another week of camp does not work for the park or camper family, SunWest Park will offer a refund in full.


The Lift Adventure Park considers the safety of campers the top priority while they are with us. Should there be inclement weather that threatens the safety of campers, we will immediately retreat to shelter and safety. Camp staff are prepared to host your child until the weather passes with fun games and age appropriate activities. As soon as weather clears, we will resume regular camp activity. Florida weather is unpredictable. There are no refunds, vouchers, or concessions made for activities missed due to inclement weather.


The Lift strives to create a fun, adventurous, and wholesome community that fosters growth in character, respect, and unity among campers and staff. We also take the protection of our campers very seriously. That circle of protection starts with you – both the parent and the child(ren). We require each camper and their parent/guardian to thoroughly understand and abide by our code of conduct. The code of conduct prohibits the following:
—  vulgar, crude, or offensive language
—  vulgar graphics and/or words on clothing
—  campers bringing electronic devices
—  inappropriate swimwear
—  bullying or harassment of any kind towards other campers or staff
We consider your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions as acceptance of responsibility for both the camper and parent to abide by these standards and to accept the consequences of non-compliance.


Neither The Lift nor SunWest Park take responsibility for recovering lost, misplaced, or damaged personal items (clothing, equipment, etc.). We will place found articles in our lost-and-found collection. Campers and parents are welcome to scan over these prior to leaving on Friday. The Lift retains lost-and-found articles for two weeks after a camp week ends.